AIMS ERP - One Stop Solution

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Accounts and Inventory Management Software is a cloud based application that can be used for Fashion and Clothing Stores, Departmental Stores, Medical Pharmacies, Footwear, Sanitary, Hardware, Salon & Spa, Electronic and Home Appliances, Mobile & Digital Stores, Stationery, Repair Shops, Restaunrants and many other businesses.

We Understand your Business Needs Than Anyone Else

- Business Management
- Stock Management
- Service Management
- Purchase
- Sales
- Invoicing
- Interactive Reporting
- SMS / Email Notifications
- User Management
- Commission Agents
- Service Man

- Roles
- Permissions
- Bookings
- Customers
- Suppliers
- Pay Terms & Payment Alerts
- Tax, Group Taxes
- Brands
- Categories
- Sub Categories


AIMS ERP – Key Features

Multiple Business/Shops:

- Multiple businesses registration.
- Separate reporting of each inventory & accounting information for each business

Add Branches / Warehouse:

- Create multiple branches / shops for your business.
- Manage all shops on single click at the same time.
- Add purchases, sales and stock management can be done for differetn locations.
- Multilple invoice layouts, invoice schemes for each branch / shop.

User & Role Management

- Powerful user and role management system.
- Create your own choice of role with permissions as per your demand.
- Add unlimited type of users with different roles.

Customers & Suppliers:

- Add customer or supplier separately or mark them for both Supplier & Customer.
- View detailed ledger of each customer or supplier.
- Total due credit or debit balance amounts.
- Define due date and payment term in days or months to get payments alerts.


- Add single & combo products.
- Categorize the products according to Brands, Categories and Sub-Categories.
- Manage multiple units of each product.
- Add product code / SKU number or auto-generate SKU number with your desired prefixes.
- Get alerts on low stock quantity.
- Auto selling price with purchasing price and profit margin addition
- Manage multilple variations one time in the system and use them for different products. No need to create again and again.

Other useful feature:

- Set multiple currencies.
- Multiple Languages ready.
- Predefined barcode sticker settings.
- Customize your barcode sticker setting.
- Manage Multiple Brands, Tax Rate & Tax groups, Multiple Units, Category & Sub-Category.
- Stock Adjustment.


- Add purchase, purchase order, qoutations for different locations / shops.
- Manage Due purchase invoices.
- Get Notification alerts of Due purchases one week before the due date.
- Add multiple discounts & Taxes.


- Simplified interface.
- By default Walk-In-Customer added to a business.
- Add new customer from just a single click from POS screen.
- Quick and fast billing system.
- Mark status of invoice for draft or final.
- Customize multiple invoice layouts.

Manage Expenses:

- Manage expenses easily.
- Categorise expenses.
- Separate reports for expenses at different locations / shops.


- Purchase & Sale report.
- Tax Report.
- View Trending Products, categorize by Brands, Category, Sub-category, Units and date ranges.
- Customer & Supplier Reports.
- Stock Reports.
- Expense Reports.
- Cash Register Report.
- Commission Agent reports.
- Sales Representative report.

AIMS ERP perfectly caters the needs of customer, new possibilities for retailers through different payment modes.  We can say that it is an appropriate end to end online that helps departmental stores all over the globe. With this retail software, every function in the store can be handled smoothly thus leading towards a greater customer experience; whether it is payment, scheduling, advance payments, whatever the need is; this suite includes all.



This new product by KodeInn Technologies will definitely bring changes in the retail industry as it makes the entire retail journey damn easy.

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