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ERP Systems- One Solution For All


In the Corporate world, employees are often sent for business tours. Holiday trips are also awarded to deserving candidates. Excursions are also available. During these trips; booking their tickets, managing their stay in a luxurious hotel, finding a good transport service, offering appropriate pick and drop facility are the services that are to be taken care of


Retail Suite perfectly caters the needs of customer, new possibilities for retailers through different payment modes.  We can say that it is an appropriate end to end online that helps departmental stores all over the globe. With this retail software, every function in the store can be handled smoothly thus leading towards a greater customer experience; whether it is payment, scheduling, advance payments, whatever the need is; this suite includes all.

Why Choose ERP?

-    Optimize the transaction flow
-    A good combination of different applications
-    Standardized Automated processes for operational areas
-    Reliable and Consistent data
-    Easily integrate  third party software
-    Manage quotes
-    Automatically generate documents
-    Reduces manual activities
-    Equipped with powerful reporting tools
-    Easily forecast and plan
-    Boost profitability

This new product by KodeInn Technologies will definitely bring changes in the retail industry as it makes the entire retail journey damn easy.

Interested to make your departmental store a hassle free process for your customers? Call us today to know more about our Retail suite.


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