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Email Marketing is one of the widely used digital marketing techniques adopted by most of the online business owners. With email marketing, one can easily send a promotional message to customers. It can be used to send advertisements, emails requesting donations, creating brand awareness and more. With email marketing, one can reach to several people in a single time. 


The main aim is to enhance business by sending some promotional emails. It also builds loyalty and gives repetitive business. With email marketing, return on investment can be easily calculated. Emails sent via this mode grab the attention of users thus giving me the urge to read it at least once. Different types of emails are sent via email marketing. These can be transactional mails, direct mails and mobile email marketing. Depending on the business need, these emails can vary.

Email Marketing by KodeInn Technologies

-    Get more email subscribers
-    Pay less and get emails delivered to maximum people
-    Highly engaging emails
-    Manage contacts
-    Create groups of travellers for whom emails are relevant.
-    Track email campaign performance
-    And most important, emails will directly land to inbox
-    No Spammers
-    Get professional email templates
-    Customer support via email, live chat
-    Community support
-    Auto responders

Email Marketing Agency

Now, making your customers aware about your sales offers and price discounts will be easy. Avail email marketing services from experienced email marketers at KodeInn Technologies. These can help you to take your business to next level. Contact us today to promote your business at a faster pace.


We only suggest email marketing when it is the need of the hour. In case, the business gets the required amount of profit via other digital marketing techniques then this one may not be used. 

Over 5 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.