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All professional website design companies have different features. It is different due to their work, design, services. Our professional web design company has known it's what its web design services include. Our website design company design and develop digital products and online experiences that help our clients grow, innovate, and transform. In our website design company, we listen, learn, and understand before we build


The best responsive web design is efficient, responsive according to the users' needs and the device's screen. The layout changes its size according to the abilities of the device. When you use CSS and HTML to resize, hide, shrink, enlarge, or move the content to make it look good on any screen. A professional web design company must focus on responsive web design points before design a website.


Our professional web design company provides affordable web design services.

  • • E-Commerce Web Design
  • • Responsive Web Design Company/Services
  • • WordPress Web Design Agency


Our website design agency provides professional web application development and web design services to our clients. We offer multiple website design or development services from creating mobile web development solutions. Our professional web design company offers responsive website designs to building custom e-commerce and intranet experiences using the latest web technologies.


Technology Stack

With our vast experience working with different technologies and services, we can implement a variety of technology stacks that our clients might request.

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Custom Design Website

Custom web design is a collaborative and iterative process. It also contains communication, development ideas, presentation, and explanation. Our custom website design company has a strong team that works with clients to focus on their particular artistic preferences, specific project requirements. They understand their brand guidelines to deliver unique, customized website designs.

Our team can provide web design and development services. If you are opening a new business or promoting your company internationally, we are here to help you; we offer affordable web design services affordable for you. If you need a website to introduce your products or service and you don't want to hire a costly IT expert, we do have great Web Design Packages which well fit your needs.

Features of Custom Website:

  • • SEO
  • • Content Scheme
  • • Fast speed
  • • Mobile Responsive
  • • Marketing Strategy
  • • Browser Responsive
  • • Business Development
  • • Secure and User-Friendly
  • • Conversion Rate Optimization


Responsive Design Website

Responsive Web design company is the way that suggests a design and development should reply to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform. There are many advantages of responsive websites; you can't just throw your website in a responsive-friendly framework. Our responsive Web design company designs websites and landing pages that are beautiful and rank well in search results and help to attain your business goals like:

  • • Increasing the Traffic
  • • Leads Position
  • • Sales

Our company provides the best responsive website design services to its clients. There is no need for hard code for separate webpages and sites for different screens. At the big screen, there's no lack of resolution. Different screen sizes exist across phones, tablets, desktops, game consoles, TVs, etc. The Screen sizes are always changing according to the device. Also, devices have different features with which we relate to them. For example, some of your visitors will be using a touchscreen. The modern responsive design considers all of these things to enhance the familiarity for everyone.


Benefits of Responsive Website

Our responsive web design company provides designs that need for any property agent that is serious about providing the best for their audience. A responsive website will deliver the best user experience at all devices and has many other benefits. There are the following benefits of a responsive website.

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1. Monitor the Analytics

You have separate websites for specific devices that means you have to keep an eye on two analytics. A responsive website is a simple one website, meaning your analytics is simple and supply of information.

3. Boost for SEO

Marketing your business is manifestly important if you want to be determined, and search engine optimization is one of the best methods to gain traffic to your website. Google is now so that it will enhance their search results for mobile users.

5. Fewer Bounce Rates

If your website isn't friendly with the device, they are using, and they will back up and go to one of your rivals. Your audience doesn't want to wait nearby; they want answers fast and easy as soon as possible. A responsive Website will lower the jump charge with rapid loading, smooth to apply navigation, and clear call-to-action.

2. Easy to Maintain

There are multiple websites for multiple devices means any modification needs for all those. With the help of a responsive website, you should make the modifications once.

4. Reliability of Design

You may design and customize a mobile internet site and a conventional internet site, but you'll in no way get the same appearance and experience higher the two. A responsive website will maintain the same design throughout all devices.

6. Improve the Conversion

A responsive website will grow the sales as it will reach a larger, more target audience and give them the smooth and best experience.


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Ecommerce Web Design Company

Our company is also known as an E-commerce web design company because it provides an attractive path to e-commerce services. E-commerce is the best way of selling and purchasing goods online. This online system grows your business rapidly. We provide the best e-commerce website development services like:

  • • Magento
  • • Custom web design
  • • Responsive web design
  • • Search engine optimization
  • • Woo-commerce

      Our e-commerce web design company gives services that can help you grow your business worldwide. Through a proper plaining method helps all organizations to boost up their business. We are here as a strong combined, highly trained, and full-service team. We provide you everything under one roof; your organization will have structure across all networks for your organization.


Firstly, we identify your goals together and use our expertise to find a realistic and impactful spot. That way, your business can equal pricing and deliverables. So, choose our responsive website design company get the best features of e-commerce website. E-commerce is a competitive market, where you can face lots of competitors. So, we make sure to design the best website for our clients, which provide a solid substance for success, including the following services:

  • • Custom e-commerce web design
  • • Custom e-commerce web solutions
  • • Responsive design
  • • Secure (HTTPS) website
  • • SEO

      Our custom website design company will also take you through a content trek plan to ensure your content is set up properly to rank on Google and the other major search engines. Please talk with us today; we make sure our best website design company gives your business high ranking success.

Features of E-commerce Website

Some factors help a website's success. We've realized the trends in e-commerce website design like animation, 360-degree product previews, advanced filtering, and dynamic product search. Our low-cost website design company focuses on certain elements that every e-commerce site should have to stay relevant and competitive. Certain features can help make an e-commerce website.

1. Domain Name

The domain name is the most important feature of an e-commerce website. It is the main door and responsible for getting the related audience to your website.

3. Navigation

Website navigation is the way of the success of any e-commerce website. It should be clean, clear, and user-friendly. Create easy-to-use navigation on your website to ensure that your customers don't get confused while surfing your site.

5. customer reviews

There are many benefits to providing reviews and reference options. It helps to build trust with your clients, and you get a lot of attention from the media, which, in due course, lead to an increase in SEO rankings.

7. User-friendly interface

An e-commerce site must be user friendly that can easily understandable for the customers. Simplicity should be a good design goal, and you don't have to sacrifice style to achieve it. Focus on the user requirements, experience by providing shopping categories, filters, and comparison abilities.

2. Logo

An e-commerce website's logo has the best impression of the customers, so it should be unique, eye-catchy, and connectable to the audience.

4. Top Slider

Don't display one image; in the slider, you should use many other images. It helps in taking the attention of your visitors and gives a professional look to your site.

6. Web Content

Content is one of the vital challenges for any e-commerce website. If you want to get better results in Search Engine Results Pages, you should add fresh and unique content on your website. Don't use matching Meta descriptions, product descriptions, etc.




WordPress Web Design

There are many Website design companies near you, but KODEINN is an affordable web design company. Which provides you WordPress website services? WordPress has a content management system that allows providing the best custom website design. It can also provide coding-free amazing designs. WordPress web design agency has experts that make an effective, compelling site, and then you take it over.

There are lots of best website design companies for small businesses that design websites. But as a successful WordPress web design agency, it's important to know more about the WordPress platform. It's also important to have a compact process for developing a WordPress website.

The success of a website depends on the planning, not just technical expertise. KODE INN is the best WordPress web design agency; we'll take you through an initial range and discovery phase to identify the key features, functionality, and user experience you need.

WordPress Features

A question may have come to your mind that why we use WordPress? The answer is simple WordPress gives us lots of useful features for designing a website. Our creative web design company uses these features and develop the best and low-cost website for their clients. These features are the following:

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1. Great plugins features

By using the Plugins, you can add custom forms, visual sliders, and other stunning elements. Your website could be more effective through the plugins. In more addition, you can also get powerful analytics and SEO tools. It would help if you were taking lots of advantage of the ever-growing number of high-quality plugins.

3. SEO

WordPress has some additional great SEO plugins that make optimizing your site as easy as possible. These tools, combined with our team experts of excellent SEO content writers and SEO specialists, means we put together a highly visible site in search engines and appeals to your target audience.

2. Flexible Design

If WordPress in the hands of an expert, then is a fully customizable platform. It has a much flexible design for creating a website. WordPress is an ideal tool for creating virtually any website which can grow your business.

4. User-Friendly interface

WordPress has a user-friendly interface. It is maintained and very easy to use as you like. It well transforms your site into completely anything you want for an everlasting impression. It makes adding or editing the content on your site simple enough that you need no knowledge of HTML or coding.


Over 5 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.